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What's Your Floral Signautre?

Find Your Perfect Floral Match

What's your floral signature? Your mom's? Your best friend's? Our quiz can help you learn about your own floral personality or customize the perfect arrangement for someone you love. Just answer the seven questions on the quiz with yourself or a loved one in mind. Choose one answer per question, then click Submit for results. We'll show you your floral signature, plus examples of arrangements for a perfect match.

1 What would you rather do in your down time?

arts and crafts
take a nature hike
curl up with a good book
take a kickboxing class at the gym

2 What is your favorite type of movie?

new releases
independent film
love story

3 What best describes your favorite piece of furniture?

porch swing
casual overstuffed sofa
antique china cabinet
glass and chrome table
intricately designed armoire

4 What's the first thing you do on a weekend morning?

read the paper
kiss your sweetheart
step outside for fresh air
check e-mail

5 What's your idea of the perfect meal?

fondue dinner
dinner at a favorite restaurant
candlelit dinner for two
backyard barbecue
stylish private dinner party

6 What's your favorite type of weekend activity?

theatre and gallery hopping
indulging in a spa treatment
picnicking with your family
doing anything outdoors
escaping to a charming country inn

7 What colors do you wear the most?

soft and light colors
solids and neutrals
bold and trendy colors


All material is provided as entertainment only; no claims are made as to academic worth or accuracy. 

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