Which Prom
Flower Are You?

It's that time of year... prom season! It's SO exciting, but figuring out all the details can be stressful. Here’s to hoping that we can make at least one thing easier for you – choosing the right corsage, boutonniere or other floral accessories for your special night.

Take the quiz to see how your personality can help you pick the perfect prom flowers to fit your style.

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Which of the following most
closely describes your dream job?

No flower is the same, and no one else is just like you.
Which best describes your unique, personal style?

How will you make your prom entrance?

What is your ideal way to get to prom?

What are your go-to after school activities?

What celeb BFF would you most want to have in your prom group?

How would your friends describe you?

At a party you’re:

If you won a school superlative, what would it be?